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24 June 2011


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That is, places where road vehicles can't go and traffic noise doesn't overwhelm every other sound.http://mp3pot.com/

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The noise of systems is also quite often registered from individuals home gardens. Sometimes this seems to be a veiled issue against a friend carrying a power tool on what ought to be a relaxing mid day.

Jordi J Morell

An interesting summary of the recordings uploaded, but why has the project been terminated after just a year. I am still learning how to get the best recordings from a smartphone and audioboo has improved a lot since the project started so I have been revisiting sites that had no Internet access now that multiple recordings can be stored.
I am surprised you had only 350 recordists and there are many areas of the UK with no recordings at all.
What needs to be done to get the project going again for 2012 when we will have many new visitors and sounds to these shores?
I am am sure that many feel as I do tha we were only just getting going.


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