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07 September 2012

August Accessions

During August we received the final Survey Report from EAP469 Last traces of a destroyed community: surveying the Hungarian Jewish congretational archives and digital copies of periodicals from EAP191 Strategies for archiving the endangered publications of French India (1800-1923).

EAP469 was a pilot project that set out to visit and survey the records of Hungarian Jewish congregations. The project team visited 20 congregations and found many valuable and fragile records. These included birth, death and marriage registers; minutes of meetings of various community bodies; financial, cash and tax registers; lists of community members; Holocaust -related material; and registered documents of the community's administration. The Survey Report will be made available on the EAP webpages.

EAP191 was a major project aimed at digitally preserving the serials published in French India that are held by the libray of the French Institute of Pondicherry. The project has successfully copied five rare series and some miscellaneous volumes of four periodicals published in Pondicherry, under the French colonial administration, between 1823 and 1954.


Among the five main periodicals copied, two are the gazette of the French colonial government. These publications contain administrative and judicial records, including important laws, government ordinances, administrative appointments, circulars and announcements. They serve as an archive of colonial memory, providing a record of different colonial practices. A third publication is the subject index of the gazette. A fourth series relates to historical studies while a fifth is a popular magazine for the young. Among the miscellaneous volumes are: a monthly containing pedagogical material, a religious monthly, the government's official yearbook and proceedings of meetings of the General Council of French India.


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