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04 January 2011



Hi there,
The name SktCat has unfortunately been registered in slightly different forms by 3 different companies, none of whom are involved in the production or sale of the real thing.
As a result Hybrid Air Vehicles from Cranfield England do not use the term and what people in the past thought of as the Skycat 20 design is now designated HAV 266. Hybrid Air Vehicles (www.hybridairvehicles.com) does not associate with any other companies in marketing terms with the obvious exception of Northrop Grumman, their partner in the LEMV program. Unfortunately the hybrid LTA sector is full of virtual world only web sites and people who have nothing better to do than register web sites or trade marks for other companies products.
Regards JB (Airship & Blimp Consultants www.hybridairship.net)


Woops I meant to write SkyCat!!

Account Deleted

If this works out on commercial basis, it would be very beneficial to use this mode of transport. It is cost effective in terms of use of fuel. But I am not aware of maintenance and life of the HAV. They are build in various categories namely 20, 50 tonnes; and to stay longer duration in mid air ranging from 5 to 10+ days. It is excellent product.

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