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06 August 2012

Dr Griffith’s Report on Caoutchouc (Rubber Tree) - transcript


Extract from IOR/F/4/1787/no 73597
Accompanies Dr Griffith’s Report on Caoutchouc (Rubber Tree)

[bottom paragraph, p.26]
Mr. Scott having Very obligingly
furniched me with a Series of specimens
illustrating the relative advantages of
his Various modes of preparation I have
the honor of submitting them for your
[p. 27]
the numbers refer to Mr. Scotts extensive
Series of experiments which throw much
light on this important Article[s] and which
are additionally Valuable from the rediness
with which this gentleman has rendered them
available to all in Assam
No. 10. Juice formed into a Mass without any
6. Juice dried upon a Nonabsorbing Surface
3. dried upon an absorbing Surface
9. Juice Worked up in the hand [bleaches?] in
Water I subjected to a pressure of about 4 maunds
to the square foot.
8. Juice worked up with the hand and not
7. Juice boiled with an euqual [equal] quantity
of Water and subjected be a similar pressure
this has been exposed to the Sun without deterio-
5 Juice boiled in a Smaller quantity of
Water and subjected to the same pressure
11. Prepared from equal part } IV [4] of Juice
and Water with ½ oz of delated [diluted] Sulphuric Acid
of the Edingurh [Edinburgh] Pharmacapaeia less acid
however will destry [destroy] the Coloring Matter.
12. Juice prepared with Concentrated Sulphuric Acid
Dec. 18 1837
Signed W. Griffith Ass. [Assistant] Surgeon
[?] charge Botanical Mission
True Copy
Signed Francis Jenkins
A.G.G. [Agent Governor General]
Ordered that a Copy of the Report on the Corutchou Tree of Assam
by Mr. Griffith Assistant Surgeon to the Buttan [Bhutan] Mission
Submitted with the above letter be forwarded to the Secretary
to the Asiatic Society for publication in the Society’s Journal.

Claire Norman
Project Officer: Botany in British India
British Library




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