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09 January 2014

Highlights: London Collections - Men 2014 and British Library Flickr

London Collections: Men is the capital's three-day menswear fashion showcase. From established brand Thomas Pink to emerging talent Adrien Sauvage the runway shows, which finished yesterday, celebrate the best British brands. 

The Evening Standard recently reported that menswear contributes £10.4billion a year to the UK economy, and its sales are expected to outstrip those of womenswear in 2014. There's definitely cause for celebration so these are my highlights coupled with inspiring images selected from the British Library Flickr collection. (We just uploaded over 1 million images to Flickr Commons and we want you to have a play - find out more here.) 

 E-Tautz_LCM14  E-Tautz_LCM14_3
E. Tautz designer Patrick Grant recently gave a talk at the Library on how historical resources inspire his designs. I love the sumptuous fabrics of the outfit on the left and the bold heraldry-like pattern of that coat.  (Images via

Die-Volker-des-Erdballs-British-Library-Flickr-000284476_b  Heraldry_British-Library-Flickr_001203024

Left from Die Volker des Erdballs nach ihrer Abstammung und Verwandtschaft... 1845, right from The Church Heraldry of Norfolk, 1885

I had the pleasure of giving YMC founder Jimmy Collins a tour of the Library recently. I hope we get to collaborate with him and designer Fraser Moss. (Image via

Letter Y_British Library Flickr_002207932   Letter M_British Library Flickr_002750050   Letter C_British Library Flickr_003419604
Y from The Works of John Locke, 1714; M from Inaugural Ceremonies in honour of the opening of Fountain Gardens, 1868; C from Poems upon several occasions, 1713

Louis Leeman Paris (Image via

Mr Hare (Image via

From John Cassell's Illustrated History of England, 1856.  

Crombie. I would wear this.  (Image via

From Upper Canada Sketches, 1898.  I would wear this too. 

Hacket London. Classic and sleek. (Image via

From John Cassell's Illustrated History of England, 1856.  I true gentleman is one who can pull off high-waisted trousers indeed. 

Jonathan Saunders_LCM14_Red sweater
Jonathan Saunders. Fun is what I think this outfit looks like.  (Image via

From Red Apple and Silver Bells, 1897

John Smedley_colours_LCM_via Guardian Helen Seamons
John Smedley. These joyful colours will brighten up a grey and wet London day - and it looks like there will be many this year. (Image via

Katie-Eary_LCM14  Richard-Nicoll_LCM14
Left Katie Eary, right Richard Nicoll (Images via

From Our Earth and its Story, 1893


From British Mineralogy, 1804


From British Mineralogy, 1804

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