17 May 2013

Steve's new blog

You can continue to follow Steve on his new blog http://stephenvandulken.blogspot.co.uk

08 April 2013

Farewell to my readers

I am retiring on Thursday 11 April, and so this is a farewell post to my readers.

It has been great fun researching and writing over 500 posts for this blog over the years -- a privilege, really. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. I hope never to lose the excitement that good product design ought to bring, together with the essentials of how to manufacture, protect and market the products. Never forget that they create jobs, too. 

I intend to stay active in the field, and will have my own blog on inventions, searching and protection, while working part-time as what I suppose could grandly be called a consultant librarian in that field. One advantage of an unusual surname is that it will be easy to find me on the Internet.

A British Library blog on business and innovation will take the place of this one.

12 March 2013

International Patent Forum 2013: a London conference

I will be attending the International Patent Forum 2013, which will be held in London on the 16-17 April.

I normally deal with patent searching and documentation. It will be a change to listen to fourteen talks about changes in patent law, or about case law and other developments (and patent filing strategies), in specific regions or countries (including each of the BRICs). The emphasis is on how it all affects companies and their corporate strategy. This is of great importance to modern economies, of course.

I’m particularly looking forward to the talk on the new unitary patent and unified court for Europe, and the talk on the impact of the US patent reforms. I feel I'm not quite up to speed on both topics. The talks on the pharmaceutical sector, and on the smart phone wars, ought to be interesting too. I remember last time I attended coming away with lots of notes which I later followed up.

The conference will be run by the Managing Intellectual Property journal.