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07 September 2009


dc shoes uk

well its helpful source thanks for sharing .. i think dc shoes uk got the technology because i used and feel comfortable,,,


What's the chances of this patent application being successful? It mentions that there have already been patents filed for shoes with individual compartments for toes and for shoes whose sole try to match the contour of the foot.

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Vibram Five Fingers shoes is unique, its really helpful for mountain climbers. thanks for sharing this information.


I don´t see how it would be acceptable to get a patent for something that is natural like the foot, even if it is footwear. The idea of individual toe compartments and an anatomical shaped sole isn´t original, except that vibram are the first to have managed to design something that is commercially marketable.
So has the patent gone through as the application was back in 2006/2007. [The international application was published in April 2007. It is undergoing "examination" -- checking to see if it will be allowed -- by the European Patent Office. Ed.]


I did some surfing online, and read a few other blogs etc. I guess VFF´s international patent application was not sucessful as there are many online counterfeits, also with the huge notices on the vibram fivefingers official webiste warning customers of counterfeits, they couldn´t have got the patent. Kind of good i think, as it allows a free market and fair competition for future new comers who may want to compete.

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