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05 April 2013

Non-Print Legal Deposit: it's here !

Ten years after the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 established the principle, from tomorrow we shall be beginning to archive the whole of the UK web domain, in partnership with the other five legal deposit libraries for the UK. The new regulations are here.

I thought it worth drawing together some key information, along with some of the media coverage that has appeared this week.

The British Library's press release is here, and there are also some useful FAQs which fill in some of the detail. These cover:

There has also been much coverage in the media, including (in roughly chronological order):

Associated Press (4 April)

The Verge (4 April)

Wired (5 April)

The Guardian (5 April) (and coverage of the launch event)

BBC News (5 April)

Daily Express (5 April)

Daily Telegraph (5 April)

International Business Times (5 April) (5 April)

Times Higher Education Supplement (6 April)

Al Jazeera (6 April) (with video)

ZDNET (by @jackschofield) (8 April)

The Spectator (Books Blog) (11 April)

I shall keep adding to this list as more coverage appears. From outside the UK, see the New Zealand Herald, La Stampa (Italy), Computerworld New Zealand

Peter Webster, Web Archiving Engagement and Liaison Manager


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