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21 January 2014

Vote For Us (Please)

We are delighted to announce (drumroll, please) that the magnificent Medieval Manuscripts Blog -- that's us -- has been nominated for the National UK Blog Awards, in the Arts and Culture category.

Unicorn Grill detail

But now we need your help. In order to be shortlisted for these awards, members of the public -- that's you -- need to vote for us by midnight on 26 January. And here's how: please go the Blog Awards page, read our nomination and cast your vote in our favour, if you feel so inclined. It couldn't be simpler -- well, it probably could, but we didn't make up the rules ...

Knight v Snail

So, if medieval manuscripts float your boat -- and we're assuming that they do, otherwise you're unlikely to be reading this -- please, please, please, please vote for us! Your friendly, reputable, warm and cuddly Medieval Manuscripts blog.

If you're new to this blog, or you just want a refresher, here's a link to our most popular posts of all time, our Medieval Top Ten. There you can see blogposts about some of the highlights of the British Library's collections, such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and Beowulf, and those perennial favourites Knight v Snail and Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library.

Here are some of the kind things that people have been saying about us:

"Astounding! How do they get away with it?" (Daily Groat)

"We look forward to reading their last post" (Unicorn Lovers Weekly)

 "Magical. Enchanting. Engrossing. None of these words come to mind when describing the Medieval Manuscripts Blog." (Professor Brian Trump, British Medieval Cookbook Project)

 And this, for good measure, is our nomination:

"Our blog promotes our love of medieval art, history and culture. We are the British Library’s top-ranked blog, with more than 600,000 hits this year alone [2013]. We have loyal readers throughout the world, from Antarctica to Greenland, and Afghanistan to Myanmar. Our blog has been featured in the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Scientific American, among others. We are thrilled to bring the world of medieval manuscripts to new audiences."

Julian Harrison and Sarah J Biggs



Giving you a shout out on our FB page today. We love your work. Would love it if you'd give us a shout out too!! Hebraic Manuscritps Scrolls and Ephemera.

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